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Integer Leadership Consulting is committed to strengthening the work of leaders, managers, and followers, as well as organizations. We do this by cultivating specialized knowledge and establishing habits around best practices that combine to create high levels of engagement and performance.

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We work closely with internal decision makers to design curriculum and delivery methods to ensure participants acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly impact people, processes, and organizational culture.

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Services and Solutions


Leader & Leadership Training:

Whether identifying, developing, deploying, or evaluating leaders, Integer understands the constantly evolving requirements of effective leadership in today’s rapidly changing business environment. We help organizations identify and grow the type of leaders who can influence, motivate, and equip others to maximize their full potential. When leaders are unprepared, their impact can be toxic to followers, damage follower engagement and performance, and negatively influence organizational culture and industry reputation.

Employee Engagement:

Managers, at all levels in an organization, profoundly impact employee engagement and, therefore, performance. Many managers fail to understand or appreciate their role in this critical connection. Using Integer’s Management and Meaning training approach, we train managers how to facilitate meaning, performance, and engagement. Integer’s E6 Employee Engagement Training process forms the foundation of our work with managers and senior leaders. It includes management practices that address six key areas. We are ready to support your engagement efforts!

Building Cohesive Teams:

We understand that what often gets in the way of team performance are the dysfunctions at work in the team. To help resolve these issues, Integer facilitates the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ training that addresses these dysfunctions and moves teams to new levels of trust, commitment, accountability, and results. We have worked with enough teams in a variety of organizations to know what sets teams up for success and those factors that set teams up for friction, conflict, mistrust, and ultimate failure. Contact Integer and we will explore the possibilities.

Global Leader Development:

Development leaders are, at heart, reformers and social entrepreneurs focused on building communities and societies that advance concerns for justice, equality, equal access to education for girls and boys, women and men, sustainability, stewardship of the environment, freedom, fairness, and transparency in governance. There is seldom space for dedicated conversation around leadership development, management training, developing teams, and strengthening the performance of the organization. Our training and development modules can be tailored to the needs of leaders and their organizations.

Organizational Culture & Values:

Building a transformational and healthy organizational culture, training and developing leaders who inspire followers to achieve shared goals and objectives, managers who understand and fuel employee engagement…these are only made possible by core values that create the context and expectation for these practices. If your organization is not producing the climate and results you are looking for, look first at your core values and how those values contribute to, or fail to support, the desired practices and behaviors. Integer understands that core values drive company culture. We can help!

Executive Coaching:

Integer Leadership Consulting’s approach to executive coaching places a high priority on the critical soft skills that leaders need to be successful in today’s competitive and rapidly changing organizational environment. These skills include cultivating emotional intelligence, empathy, professional authenticity and intimacy, leadership confidence through presence, and expanding referent power. We work with with our executive coaching clients to help them live into their strengths, discover their passions, and pursue their highest aspirations. We can accelerate your personal and professional development!

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