Current and Previous Clients:

Client Testimonials

“Jeff Yergler spoke at our department’s nursing retreats for 2014 with emphasis on building our team’s strengths.  He was able to quickly establish a connection with our nurses and help them focus on appreciating each other’s strengths and tying those strengths to our organization’s mission. The knowledge, skills, abilities, and sincerity used during the presentation and ensuing discussions directly and positively impacted the engagement of our nurses within Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.” Cordelia Jewell, RNC NIC MS NICU Quality Operations Manager, Palo Alto, California

“Jeff was an amazing, motivational speaker for our student entrepreneurship education initiative. He was the first part of a 5-day program to engage students in learning about Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and innovation. His presentation on leadership helped set the stage for the entire program and was one of the most highly viewed activities. I highly recommend Jeff as a speaker, leader, colleague, and mentor. He is a great speaker, and can pinpoint important topics for any audience.” Joshua Neubert, CEO at Institute of Competition Sciences, San Francisco, California

“I first connected with Dr. Jeff Yergler when he applied to be an adjunct faculty member at Olympic College close to 10 years ago. Since then I have relied on his support and services as an adjunct, tenured professor, curriculum developer, program coordinator, program facilitator, and program consultant. In each and every instance I have found that he provides truly exceptional results and service. He is very passionate about his work and works tirelessly with students and clients alike to ensure they gain the most from their experience with him. I continue to greatly value the time and talent Dr. Yergler is able to share with those of us connected to the Chair Academy for Leadership Development.” Richard Strand, Executive Director, The Chair Academy, Mesa, Arizona

“I recommend Jeffrey Yergler to anyone who is interested in joining in on the conversation of leadership, management, and organizational structure-development. Make contact with him and start the dialog early – he is a wealth of information and can direct you to sources that can be invaluable to your leadership journey.”

“Dr. Yergler is a dynamic, knowledgeable, and adaptive presenter. The information presented was a good balance of theory and application. Managers walked away with a systematic process for facilitating change, and also developed an understanding about the importance of involving and listening to those affected by change. I truly enjoyed working with him and plan to work with him in the near future.”

“Jeff Yergler is one of the most well-rounded teachers and consultants I know. His insights, both in person and in writing, are spot-on. I have never met a person who is more conscientious about his responsibilities than Jeff is. I am always amazed how Jeff can apply a range of experience, theory, and readings to solve problems, most of which are very complex. All of this is capped off with a deeply held set of life-affirming values — and an iron-clad commitment to integrity. In short, Jeff is an outstanding individual.”

“Without exception, Jeff Yergler is at the very top of my “best” list of adult educators as well as content experts in the field of leadership studies. His depth of knowledge and natural enthusiasm, combined with his skilled delivery and love of the learning environment, creates a powerful, even magical, classroom experience. As one who has worked in this field for many years myself, I can tell you he is a master at his game, and his participants learn, share, and grow in the knowledge and skills required to excel in today’s fast-paced, changing, and challenging leadership environment.” Don Summers Ph.D., Mentor, Consultant, and Faculty member at Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington

“Jeff was invited to participate in our Values Initiative project. This was a major organizational change process in a very traditional environment. Jeff gladly accepted the challenge even though he had not worked with a para-military style organization with many different personalities. When Jeff began the project he had no idea of the push back and challenges he faced. Each day he learned something new and adjusted accordingly. Jeff kept us on schedule and we celebrated each little victory. If it weren’t for Jeff’s positive attitude and tenacity, I don’t believe we would have succeeded. I am happy to say that through Jeff’s abilities, he helped us navigate some stormy seas. Today our organization has collectively identified our new Vision, Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles. Not only did Jeff help us reach that goal, he positioned me to continue the process by strengthening my leadership skills.” Mark Peterson, Fire Chief/Emergency Services Administrator, Renton, Washington