Building a transformational and healthy organizational culture, training and developing leaders who inspire followers to achieve shared goals and objectives, managers who understand and fuel employee engagement… These are only made possible by core values that create the context and expectation for these practices.

Clear and compelling core values lead to structures, processes, and performance, and they inform what will and will not be measured. Core values contribute to the creation of a culture that is sustainable over time. Contrast this to an organizational culture that, while it invests tens of thousands of dollars into the training and development of its leaders and managers, lacks the very core values that can sustain and support new behaviors and practices that can boost morale and performance across the organization. This is a perfect example of “throwing good money after bad.” Yet, businesses and institutions of all sizes throw money away every day because they fail to create a culture that can support and measure the very behaviors and practices for which they pay big dollars.

We closely link the training of leaders and managers, the development of employee engagement, and team performance to the type of core values that can support and encourage the actions that lead to improved organizational performance in these areas. When organizations know they must retool their core values to create a more performance-based and engagement-centric culture, they call us to guide them through the process.

If your organization is not producing the climate and results you are looking for, look first at your core values and how those values contribute to, or fail to support, desired practices and behaviors.

Defining the Core Values that Create a Culture of Performance and Engagement:

Strong leadership effectiveness, management practices that fuel performance, and high levels employee engagement are only possible when they are connected to a clear and compelling set of core values. More importantly, the best practices in these three areas are only sustainable when they are linked to a set of core values. Additionally, when best practices are linked to core values, they are consistently measured and evaluated in the work of leaders and managers and reflected in the engagement levels of employees.

We work with our clients to define their core values and link them to best practices using our 5-step process.

  1. Define the desired future state of the organizational culture as it relates to the work of leaders, the impact of managers, and the engagement of employees.
  2. Construct the core values that would support and sustain the work of leaders, the impact of managers, and the engagement of employees.
  3. Build the guiding principles that operationalize each of the core values.
  4. Identify the best practices of leaders, managers, and employees that are informed by and flow through the guiding principles.
  5. Fund actions that resource, support, and measure best practices.

Our Approach with Clients:

We collaborate and work closely with our clients through this entire process. Because the nature of this work is detailed and reaches many aspects of the organization’s operations, we follow a clear and sequential process and work in lockstep with clients to build the necessary changes into processes, critical decision policies, and structures.