Our Approach to Executive Coaching:

Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute: Certified Executive CoachInteger Leadership Consulting’s approach to executive coaching places a high priority on the critical soft skills that leaders need to be successful in today’s competitive and high velocity work environment. These skills include cultivating emotional intelligence, empathy, professional authenticity and intimacy, leadership confidence through presence, and expanding referent power.

Specifically, when working with our executive coaching clients, we target those critical areas of personal and professional practice in the life of a leader that bring the greatest return on investment (ROI) and added value to both the executive leader and the organization. These would include:

How We Work with Executives and their Organizations:

Integer Leadership Consulting provides executive coaching expertise in two ways. First, we contract directly with organizations seeking executive coaching expertise for internal executive leaders. Whether the executive coaching is part of a leader’s professional development plan, a critical step in a leader’s performance improvement plan, or a step to help emerging senior leaders broaden and deepen the necessary skills for executive-level leadership, we work closely with organizations to support their internal leadership development and professional growth initiatives.

Second, we work directly with executives who have made a unilateral decision to seek coaching on their own. Whether the executive coaching focuses on addressing performance in one’s current position or to prepare for a new position in a different organization, we work closely with individual leaders to sharpen existing skill sets as well as to identify areas of opportunity that will increase both effectiveness and impact in a new, more challenging position.

Our Approach with Clients:

We deliver our executive coaching to our clients using three different approaches, all based on what is most convenient for and urgent to the client.

First, we provide coaching onsite at the location of the organization where the executive works. Second, we provide coaching using an online delivery platform such as Zoom or Skype. Finally, we can design a coaching process that includes both virtual and onsite interaction and support.