The Unique Work of Development Leaders:

Leaders working within developing country contexts who are concerned with advancing democratic values, practices, and standards face unique challenges that leaders in developed nations will never confront. Development leaders are, at heart, reformers and social entrepreneurs focused on building communities and societies that advance concerns for justice, equality, equal access to education for girls and boys, women and men, sustainability, stewardship of the environment, freedom, fairness, or transparency in governance. These leaders, who are passionate about their work and their mission, must also lead their organizations and their teams at the same time. There is seldom space for dedicated conversation around leadership development, management training, developing teams, organizational structure, and strengthening the performance of the organization.

Our Approach to Working with Development Leaders:

Our training and development modules can be tailored to the needs of leaders and their organizations. A sampling of what we offer would include such topics as:

Logistics and Training:

Because location can be a challenge in working with development leaders, we partner with development leaders, their teams, and organizations to deliver training in two ways. First, we provide training using virtual platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

Second, when it is necessary to travel to a specific location, we work closely with leaders and their teams to coordinate travel and onsite training and development. Ideally, when training onsite with leaders and their teams, we encourage the offering of multiple workshops and strategy sessions to support a variety of organizations, their leaders, teams, and community advocates and supporters.