Leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. The issue many organizations and institutions face is in failing to plan for intentional and sustainable leadership development. In these organizations, those who are asked to lead are often unprepared for the complexities and challenges of leading. When leaders are unprepared, their impact can be toxic to followers, damage follower engagement and performance, and negatively influence organizational culture and industry reputation.

Those organizations that are committed to the selection, training, and positioning of women and men to lead often experience higher rates of growth and stronger levels of employee engagement. The impact of these leaders is further maximized when the culture of the organization supports these leaders and consistently measures their effectiveness and their impact on followers.

Our Leadership Pedagogy Addresses Four Aspects of the Leader and Leadership:

Who a leader is:

What a leader knows:

How a leader engages:

Where a leader is going:

Our Approach with Clients:

Integer Leadership Consulting works closely with our clients to collaborate and design the best possible curriculum and training processes based on the needs of the participants and the goals of the organization. Integer’s facilitation approach includes reading and case studies, group discussion and interaction, application and in-the-field implementation and measurement. Our delivery platforms include onsite facilitation, virtual delivery, or a combination of both.